1. Digital Marketing Intern (3 available positions - each intern will be focused on our 3 different business segments - perromart, perrovets and private-label brands development)
As a Digital Marketing intern, you will be involved in our brand awareness and development. You will work closely with our Brands and business development manager to ensure that all goals are met. Your specific duties will include:
    • Able to come out with marketing strategic plan
    • Perform market analysis and research on competition
    • Support the marketing team in daily administrative tasks
    • Assist in marketing advertising promotional activities
    • Prepare promotional presentations
    • Help organize marketing events
    • Manage and update company database and customer relationship management system (CRM)
2. Logistics Intern (1 available position)

As a Logistics intern, you will be involved in our operations management. You will work closely with our Operations manager to ensure that all goals are met. Your specific duties will include:

    • Assist in implementing and monitoring logistical and administrative duties
    • Assist in handling stock inventory and cycle counts
    • Provide support in fulfilment process improvements
    • Manage and update inventory management system database and other operations systems required to ensure a seamless outbound and inbound workflows at the fulfilment center
3. Supply Chain Analyst Intern (1 available position)

As a Supply Chain Analyst intern, you will work closely with various internal stakeholders within the Supply Chain and Commercial teams. Your specific duties will include:

    • Provide extensive support to the Supply Planner and Commercial teams in ensuring profitable supply and demand generation
    • Implement procurement-to-pay processes and help in optimising supplier relationships
    • Developing BI Analytics by performing hands-on experience on inventory management system & other relevant ERP systems
4. Business Development Intern (2 available positions)

As a Business Development Intern, you will be involved in everything from the development of 25 Holdings’ products and services to the creation of marketing strategies. You will work closely with our Commercials and Marketing teams to ensure that all goals are met.

    • Work closely with the Commercial and Marketing teams. (mainly focused on Small animals or Health category)
    • Develop ways to expand the products and services offered to consumers
    • Identify new categories for the business through competitive research and market analysis
    • Assist the commercial team in product launches and other promotional activities and presentations
5. Veterinary Technician Intern (1 available position)

As a Veterinary Technician, you will be involved in running our daily clinical operations at perrovets. Your main duties will include:

    • Receiving customers and obtain contact information and the necessary pet medical histories
    • Bring animals back to the exam room and perform an initial evaluation of their health
    • Provide assistance to the veterinarian and senior technicians during diagnostic examinations, surgeries and other medical procedures
    • Perform basic care duties such as feeding, bathing, cleaning and dressing wounds, administering medication, collecting sample
    • Ensure the daily clinical operations are in check including stock inventory check of medical suppliers
    • Answer queries of all customers, processing their payments and provide other administrative support required to ensure a great customer experience